Abbas, a combatant of the war who is a farmer now, travels to Tehran along with his wife for medical treatment of a wound in his neck. At bus terminal, Abbas meets his wartime commander, Haj Kazem, who decided to keep Abbas company during his treatment. Medical tests reveal the resence of a tiny Shrapnel part near Abbas's artery. In view of the critical surgical operation that has to be carried out, the doctors offer two recommendations. First, Abbas has to travel to country where asequate medical facilities are available for the hazardous operation. And second, Abbas must try not to get excited as that might cause the Shrapnel part to be dislodged and move. He should try to laugh, even forcibly, in case he gets excited. To Arrange for Abbas`s trip abroad, everything is done in great haste. However, all this is concurrent with the arrival of the New Year, and that creates a number of obstacles for wounded combatant's trip.